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9 Hours Of Foreplay | Hot Free Sex Stories

9 Hours Of Foreplay

I had come home on leave from the Navy in October of '89. It had been a full two years since I had been home to Missouri. I had just returned from a six month deployment to the Mediterranean and had a lot of pent up energy and sexual tension that any 22 year old would normally have.......I had a loaded cock that was way passed due to be shot! I had gone down to the bar in the neighboring town. I entered in the weekly Euchre tournament, and who would you suppose I drew as my partner? At first I didn't recognize her, it had been 4 or 5 years since the last time I had seen Sherry. After talking for a few minutes, I realized who she was and that I hadn't known she wore glasses. I had had the hots for this gal since I was a teenager and had first seen herwhen she was dating my cousin, I was always so jealous because I thought she was so fine. I am sure that there was probable some jacking off sessions dedicated to her, back in them days! Her usual outfit that I had normally always seen her was tight jeans that really showed off her nicely well rounded ass and tight t-shirts that really showed off her large c cup tits. I really loved it when she was cold, because her large pointed nipples were always a pleasure to SEE! We started playing our first game and it was soon discovered that we weren't going to make it to the next round, we sucked! I had bought her a couple of drinks after our defeat and we talked a lot. Her marriage was on the rocks and she was separated and had the divorce ball rolling. I walked her to her car, and asked her out. If you recall  the in the paragraph above I had had the hots for this girl for a long time, were talking about 7 years. I tried my best to get her to go out with me, and she was really hesitant, because she was recently separated and knew that her ex would get wind of it and stir up more shit. I finally talked her into giving it a try, and we decided on the next day, Friday night. I showed up at her place for dinner, a burnt beef roast that had suffocated in her crock pot for about ten hours while she was at work. I laughed about it, and told her not to worry about it, and then I took her into my arms and said, "I've wanted to do this for a long time" and I gave her a deep long French kiss. I guess it may have been a little bold, but you'll have to remember, that I had been at sea for six months and if the wind blew, I got a hard on! We went to my little hometown and went to the local bar. We talked and drank with our friends, and it just felt so natural having her beside me all night. As much as I could, I would hold her hand or rub her leg, it didn't matter, just as long as I was touching her. I took her home, and we went inside her place and turned the TV on. We sat down on the couch, and soon we were making out. We wound up lying down and continued with some hot and heavy kissing. I had never been harder or hornier as I was that night in the couch. I trailed kisses up and down her neck for hours. I had spread her legs with my thigh and placed it up against that hot little pussy encased in her tight jeans. As I would be kissing her very sensitive neck, she would be riding my thigh. Each time I would try to advance things, like cupping her nice tits or squeezing her nice ass she would religiously grab my hand and return it to a safe place. This hot make out session went on for hours. I would occasionally giggle at her, she would ride my thigh as I pushed it tightly against her pussy and then she would say Mickey, we can't, we need to stop. Soon after those words rolled off her lips, I would start kissing her again and she would start riding my thigh again. This was definitely hard on me and I am sure she would say the same. It was now 5am, and she had continued all night long to stop me from stroking her luscious tits and that wonderful ass. Each time I thought I was getting to her, she would break away from the kiss and tell me that we needed to stop and that she couldn't, shouldn't do this. I finally gave in as she said that she had to get to bed. I asked that since it was so late, would she mind if I spent the night, and she said that it was o.k. I guess she thought I would be sleeping on the couch, were I had been locked in her embrace for the last five hours. I watched her go into the bathroom and I walked into her bedroom. I was undressing as she walked in from the bathroom. She was in a t shirt and panties and I was down to my underwear. She later told me that when she came into the bedroom and saw me undressing, she thought," this is going to be interesting!" Dear reader, please remember I had been at sea for six months and that I had wanted this women for at least 7 years! We climbed into bed and the games began. It was a carbon copy of the couch, only this time we only had cotton separating us, her t shirt and panties and my briefs. As I slide my leg between hers I finally felt just how hot and wet that little pussy was! She immediately started riding my thigh again while I kissed up and down her neck. She kept moaning and saying we got to stop, I can't do this. It seemed as if time stood still, I was so horny, and I could have cut glass with my dick. It was maddening to have her ride my thigh, feel her heat, feel her wetness, hear her moaning, and then have her move my hand away when I would try to reach for her panties to get my fingers into her heat. I have never before or since that night ever, ever been that hot and horny. As she was riding my thigh and moaning, I finally found that she was out of control enough that she hadn't noticed my hand cupping and squeezing her tit. I continued playing with her plumb tit and started pinching and pulling on her nipple. I heard her again say, Mickey we have got to stop, I can't do this, but she didn't move my hand away from her nipple. I changed to the other side of her neck and that put my chest half way covering her and it also added more pressure to her pussy while she was riding my thigh. I could also now feel a wet spot where her wetness has run down my thigh and soaked into the sheets. This girl was hotter than a firecracker and still holding out........barely! I couldn't take it any longer, we had now been making out for almost 7 straight hours and we were both to the point where something had to give, actually I had been to that point for a long time, she was almost there, she was straddling the fence literally, it was actually my thigh. I tried again to move my hand into her panties to find that hot massively wet pussy that I so terrible needed. Again her hand caught me wrist and I heard her say, Mickey, please we got to stop, you're making me crazy and I can't do this! I thrust my thigh harder at her as she moaned and spoke those words again. Almost as soon as she finished the last word she started orgasming. It was as though a flood gate had opened, as she moaned as she spread her legs wider and ground herself hard into my drenched thigh. I rolled her onto her back in the middle of her orgasm, and her legs spread open inviting me in, even though I don't think she was in any condition to coherently realize what she had just allowed! I started grinding into her hard, I would normally call it dry humping, but with the wetness that was soaked through her panties, it was anything but dry! It had a great effect on her as my cotton covered cock gave direct contact to her swollen clit and rolled her directly into her second orgasm. I was going crazy, her I had the woman that I had dreamt of and jacked off to, riding my cock and moaning in my ear as she came. As she came down from her second orgasm and was still breathing heavy, she was surprised to find me between her thighs grinding into her and she almost sobbed and said Mickey, this has gone far enough, we have to stop. I thought to myself, that's easy for you to say, you just got off TWICE! I started necking on her again and French kissing her as she started grinding herself into my cock while she whimpered. I slid my hands down under her and cupped each cheek of her ass and continued grinding into her. She and I were both soaked from the combination of her juices and my precum. I leaned to one side and reached between us and fished my cock out of my underwear, she realized what I was doing and she reached down and cupped her hand over her mound to protect her hot little pussy from my cock, FUCK, this girl was killing me! I forced my cock down, now his head was against the sheets and the base was up against the back of her hand and I started grinding into her hand. As I started kissing and necking on her again she slowly and cautiously pulled her hand out of the way and allowed my cock to start grinding into her again. I again heard her tell me that we had to stop, as she couldn't fuck me, she had to stop, we had to stop! As she speaks she is mewing in my ear as I grind into her and she is pushing back. I leaned over to one side and pulled up her t shirt and exposed her very erect nipple connected to her hot tit and pinched and pulled at it. She started necking on me and started moaning louder as I increased the pressure on her nipple. I raised up and grabbed her t shirt and pulled her free of it and started kissing her again as I started pulling at both of her hard super sensitive nipples that were as big as erasers and about a ¼ inch long,(spectacular). I moved down her body a little and started sucking and nibbling on each off her lovely nipples. I felt her hand go down and start rubbing at her clit, I thought she needed help so I reached up and snacked a finger into the leg of her underwear and slid a finger directly into the hot wet and extremely tight pussy of hers. She reached down and held my hand and stopped my movement, I continued sucking and tugging at her nipples. I felt her hand move back up to her swollen clit and started making those familiar little circles that all girls make, and I started moving my fingers in and out of her again. I knew she wouldn't be able to take this for very long, her working on her clit and my fingers sliding in and out of her honey pot. I slowly moved back up her torso trailing kisses all the way, as she continued to rub her clit and I continued to slip my finger in and out of her. As my cock neared her center she was getting very close to another orgasm. I stretched the leg of her panties more with my free fingers and eased my hard dick into the palm of my hand. It became wet very quickly; everything in that area was already soaked, now including me! It was almost the same instant, she started orgasming just as I had advanced forward and touched her wet lips with my the head of my dick. As she rolled through her orgasm, I removed my finger and was sliding the head of my dick back and forth through her wet lips. I waited until her orgasm was just starting to wind down and then I slammed my cock all the way into her. I bottomed out and started immediately grinding into her and she rolled right back into another orgasm, only this was a deeper orgasm and she moaned loudly. I started pumping myself in and out of her as she growned herself into me to maximize my thrusts and the pressure against her clit. By this time I had been hard as a rock for almost 9 hours, I won't lie, I lasted about fifteen strokes, I think I got light headed as I held myself deep inside her and unloaded, six long months worth of pint up tension!!!! It felt like I was on another planet, as I finally became coherent again and realized that I was still grinding into her and found that she had wrapped her legs around me and was grinding back at me. All I could do was smile at her, until she grabbed my nipples and started kissing me. I was still hard as a rock and as I started stroking in and out of her again I felt like my dick was on fire. I was still horny as hell, but the pain was intense, I leaned back and pulled out of the place I had wanted to be for the last 7 or 8 years and felt of my dick. I realized I had extremely rubbed it raw from all the dry humping and especially on the side from when it was rubbing against the leg of her panties as I tore into her hot little pussy. I grabbed her panties and slipped them down her ankles and then I proceeded to slip back into her and we had slower more gently session of lovemaking, I did come again, and this is no small feat for me, it was only the second time in my life that I had had two orgasms on the same hard on! As we finished I told her how long that I had been infatuated with her and that I was always so jealous when I saw her with my cousin. We talked for just a bit longer and then we both fell asleep from sheer exhaustion. I was the first one awake and I had only been asleep for about three hours. I started kissing her again and as she woke up completely she started kissing me back as I started entering her again. This was a long slow love making session that ended with us exploding together! I dressed to leave not long after our last episode, and I literally was on cloud nine. We continued to see each other after that, until I left to go back to the Navy. We logged some serious phone time, a $300.00 a month phone bill was not uncommon. I asked her to marry me and we have been together ever since! 

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My Favorite Nurse | Hot Free Sex Stories

My Favorite Nurse
It all began after I had surgery a few months back. Upon my release from the hospital, A home Care Nurse was assigned to me to do daily dressing changes. I was expecting an older woman, a retired RN who needed the money. Much to my surprise, the nurse that came was absolutely stunning. She had long brown hair and eyes that could melt the coldest heart. We would tease each other that neither of us has "gotten any" in quite awhile. Most times, she would be in her nursing outfits. Occasionally, she would wear street clothes. She could wear a burlap bag and make it look good. She was 39, divorced with kids. I am 45, divorced with kids that live with their mother. So my days were pretty much free. She and I would talk about everything. Fucked-up relationships were the usual topic. Today was somehow different. She was running late aa was I. She showed up late becuase her workload was such that she had to take care of other patients with more serious needs before she could get to me. But she was worth the wait. She came and and apologized for being late. I told her that I completely understood and there was no need to apologize. She did what she had to do and took my vitals. She commented that my pulse was running a little fast (it usually did when she was in the room). She also noticed the bulge in my pajamas. Se aked when the last time I had gotten laid. I told her it had been months. Which was bullshit, but she didn't know that. So looked down and asked if there was anything that she could do to relieve me. She didn't have to ask twice. She processed to give me the greatest hand job that I have ever had, Now it was my turn. She asked if I could help her out. So she came into the other room where I have a hospital bed set up. She stripped off her nurse's outfit and climbed into bed. I grasped her breast, which was small and massaged her nipples. She I crawled between her legs and proceeded to gently kiss her inner thighs. This was driving her crazy. She pressed on the back of my head to get my attention. Little didn she know that I love eating pussy more than I do fucking. I gave her a good tongue lashing (not for being late). She came four times and said that her ex nor any of her boyfriends would do that for her. I told her that the pleasure of the woman is a priority for me. She Had me eat her for almost an hour. Then her break was over and she had other patients to tend to. But she is coming back tomorrow. Hopefully for Round Two.

A Bi Threeway For a Beginner | Hot Free Sex Stories

A Bi Threeway For a Beginner
 Please note that this is a true story. I've always been involved in the swinging lifestyle to some degree, but never in my wildest thoughts, would I ever have believed that I would give oral pleasure to another man. But the following is a factual account of my first time. I recently managed to make a hook up with a swinging couple from a nearby town. I was shocked to say the least, that they were willing to meet with me at all, let alone on a Saturday morning (being married, it is difficult to get away). Now I was a bit apprehensive, due to the fact that the husband had stated that he was bi. Although I have received or from other men in the past, it was never in front of someone else. But the husband had reassured me that he wouldn't take any overt actions, unless I had indicated it was okay. Anyway, as Saturday morning came, I headed out towards their town. After about an hour's drive, which was filled with all sorts of sexual thoughts, I finally reached the agreed upon meeting place. As I sat in my car, watching for the husband who was to meet me, I began to wonder if I wasn't just on some wild goose chase, when up he drove in the car he had described in our prior conversation. We got out and greeted each other, speaking in generalities about nothing in particular really, when he asked me if I was still sure about getting together with them. When I replied in the affirmative, he then asked me to follow him to their home. Upon arrival at the home, he introduced me to his wife, who didn't seem to be up on the event (just a feeling). I got him to the side and mentioned that, and he just said, "leave it to me". I was led to the sofa (where his wife was already seated, in the middle), and I took a seat next to her. Dave (the husband), then put a video of a group sex scene, and sat on the other side of her. After a very few minutes of the video, he began unbuttoning his wife's blouse, so I could see her breasts. While he was doing this, he told her to take out my cock. She reached over, and slowly began removing my shorts. Which were the only thing that I had on from the waist down. After having her stand up in front of us, and remove the rest of her clothing, he asked her if she wanted to sit on my lap. It was at this point that she really came alive! She just turned around, grabbed my cock, and slid it into her pussy, as far as it would go. I was astounded! Next thing I know, he gets up and stands in front of her, and takes his clothing off. He then got down on the floor in front of us, and began trying his best to eat her pussy, while I was fucking her. Man! I had never had anything like this before. Of course, the inevitable happened. My cock came out of her pussy, and he just started sucking it. Then she took control again, and I was back in her pussy. Next thing, he got up and placed his cock in front of her face. She immediately began sucking him, at the same time I was fucking her. I was lying back on the sofa, she was lying back on top of me, and he was straddling us both, with his cock pumping in and out of her mouth, not inches from my face. I just couldn't help myself. I craned my neck ever closer and closer, as I watched his cock sliding between her lips. All of a sudden, he slipped his cock out of her mouth. and into mine! I wasn't sure what to do. He just began pumping it in and out of my mouth. And the more he did it, the more I seemed to want. His wife turned her face and began licking any part that I didn't have stuck in my mouth. It was then, that he just let fly with a seemingly huge load of cum. All over my face, my chest and in my mouth. His wife got up off my cock, and began licking up what was "spilled" on me. As she worked her down my chest to mine cock, finally taking it into her mouth. Her husband then got down on his knees along side her, and helped me over the edge. Long story I know, but it was my very first time at having this happen, so I wanted to give as much detail as possible.

Vanessa | Hot Free Sex Stories

As Carl and I were loading up the truck and getting ready to move pretty far away, some friends of ours stopped by to give us a hand sorting through our stuff to see what was coming and what was staying. Day turned into night and we drank some alcohol to keep warm since it was cold out, mostly half-empty bottles we didn't want to have to pack. I got pretty tipsy, but it sure made it more fun to pack up. At one point I was left alone in the back of the truck with my friends husband, Scott, who I had never spent much time with before. For some reason we got to talking about sex, somehow he got it out of me that I had had one experience with another woman (how he did this I'll never know). He started saying that his wife might be curious about that, but then my husband showed up and the packing started again. It was getting pretty late so our friends left and went home for the night. Carl told me that he and Scott talked about getting Vanessa and me together. I just laughed. I had known her too long to think that was possible, so I went to bed. They came over again the next day to help and spend time with us since we didn't know how long it would be before we saw each other after the move. The day went by with lots of laughs and of course packing. We went over to their place after most of the packing was done, and I went out with Vanessa to get some pizza. The guys got our kids ready for bed. On our way back with the food Vanessa asked me if I had ever video taped myself having sex. I told her that I could never do something like that, and she confided in me that she did all the time and it was great. She also asked me if I wanted to see one of her tapes, well! this I wasn't expecting! I kinda changed the subject (not that I wasn't extremely curious) just embarrassed to admit it. After supper the guys decided to take the kids for a ride and to go to the store for some Kalhua. Vanessa asked me to go upstairs with her, and when we got upstairs she showed me her video camera and home videos, which had her and her hubby going at it. I watched for a while, thinking how well she looked naked. I was getting pretty worked up. She than showed me her vibrator collection, and her lingerie. I had never seen this side of her before and I liked it, I had always found her very attractive, and I wondered if she would have sex with me. We had just decided to try some of the lingerie on when she noticed that the baby monitor's receiving end wasn't in her room anymore, so we looked around and found the microphone side hidden under the bed; talk about nosy husbands! We turned it off of course, than our husbands almost immediately got back from their errand, with two sleeping kids in tow. Kids being in bed, and it being one of our last nights in the same city, we drank and played Poker, which of course turned into a game of strip poker. Well I lost and so did Vanessa, and Carl, well we were almost all naked and this wasn't much fun (imagine that naked being no fun) so we all got dressed and played a game called truth, dare, double dare, promise to repeat. To make it fair we had two hats filled with scraps of paper, one full of our names, and one with all the possibilities (truth, dare, double-dare, promise to repeat). The first few were just little things like take your clothes off or rub your nipple, but Carl finally got his turn with Vanessa he dared her to suck on my nipple, I love my nipples played with or sucked on! Now that they actually got us to touch they were going to enjoy it. Carl got another dare and my name on it and he dared me too eat Vanessa out for 3 minutes. She laid down on the bed and I started to lick her very gently, and she started squirming and moaning. I had only done this once before and it was nothing like this. It had been part of a threesome for my husband so we had mostly done things to him, I liked this a lot better, from the way her body was moving I could tell she wanted it a bit rougher so I sucked and licked her clit a bit harder. Carl mentioned we only had 30 seconds left (already!) and that really got her going, I could hear Carl playing with his watch (he stopped the timer) then she came, I had read about women who actually "squirt" when they come but I never though it would be so COOL! I had to go and kiss her I was getting so hot! At this point, the guys reminded us that we were still playing a game, Scott got his turn and dared us both to masturbate at the same time in front of them, that was a bit embarrassing, especially since he had given us each a dildo to use. She came again and almost skirted Carl who was at the foot of the bed! I came after she did. We had a couple more interesting dares. And the last one "I want you girls to do a 69 together". They watched for awhile but Scott started giving us "advice" so I told them both to get out, we had so much stuff to try first we just enjoyed doing the 69 which was very exiting we came at the same time. I wanted to try fucking her with a dildo, she loved it especially when I put a finger up her ass at the same time. She came and wanted it to be my turn but I wasn't done. I switched to a vibrator that has a little dolphin on it that vibrates and put the dildo part inside of her, and turned on the vibrator which I than placed on her clit. She really squirmed with that but it didn't take her long to come Now it was my turn, and for someone who had never done this before she was good, she licked and sucked my tits and my cunt and used the vibrator I came really hard with the vibrator. We humped each others legs and rubbed our pussies against each others, this was nice but not half as much fun as they make it out to look in dirty movies. We finely got tired and went downstairs to see what the guys were up to, they were watching a porn. We had to get up early the next morning and Carl told us that Scott had offered for them to come with us, so we went home to get a little bit of sleep about 4 o'clock if I remember right. Later Carl told me that they had hidden another baby monitor behind the bed and that they had heard everything, but that was ok I had fun and it's not something I'm ever going to forget. I just wish we had it all on tape.

Cottage Country | Hot Free Sex Stories

Cottage Country

My husband and I spend as much time as possible at our cottage on the lake. With its wonderful warm water and sandy beach . This secluded piece of paradise is where I shed my worldly woes and forget every care. On this weekend I invited along a girl that works with my husband, a petite little thing about twenty two ,with a wonderful sense of humor and full of the devil. Tom spends his time fishing the lakes and streams that feed our lake. I spend my time swimming and soaking up the sun. Tom receives calls on his cellular phone and on more than one occasion has had to leave me alone for the night. I got in the habit of bringing along friends for company in case he has to leave. At lunch Tom announced he had to leave for the night and asked Pam if she would mind staying with me. Thinking back ,Pam was more than a little anxious to accept the task. As the day wore on ,we walked the shore and talked about everything from soup to nuts. Pam suggested a swim in the evening and I gladly agreed. Pam mentioned she didn't have a bathing suit and if I would mind if she swam in the nude. I'm ten years older than Pam with a few more wrinkles and rolls, I wasn't that eager to appear nude. But she made me feel comfortable about myself . We swam till the moonlight light the surface of the lake with a luminous glow. The water was so wonderful, I had no intention of leaving the water. Pam swam to me and put her arms around my waist from behind. Isn't this great she said. I could feel the hair on her pussy rubbing against my leg in a deliberate up and down motion. I knew where this was headed if I wanted it to. A part of me always wanted to explore sex with another woman and here was a beautiful girl ten years my junior putting the moves on me. Pam's hands reached up and began to roll my nipples between her fingers. I loved it, it was erotic and repulsive all at the same time. I closed my eyes and savored the moment. Her hand now went to my pussy and started to finger me. Slowly Pam turned me around in the water ,pulling me closer to her, never missing a motion as she masturbated me. Pulling my face to hers she put her tongue in my mouth in deep wet kiss's. Lets go to the cottage was all I could say. Once inside and dry she started kissing me and sucking on my nipples till I thought I would explode. I found my mouth searching for her breast and felt her tremble as I sucked it hard into my mouth. I could feel Pams hands pushing my head between her legs ,the hair brushed my lips and I could now taste her in my mouth. I pushed three fingers into my pussy and played with myself as I ate Pam and felt her growing wetter and wetter as I mouthed her. She screamed as she pushed herself harder and harder into my mouth. The screams died as she pulled my wet face to hers and kissed me.Pam laid me back and licked and fingered me till I came to the hardest wildest orgasm I ever experienced. Later as we lay there Pam touched my pussy and said, this is just a little girl fun ,no need for the boys to know. Whenever we have the opportunity we play around. Our husbands are best friends and oh by the way, so are we :)

Making Love | Hot Free Sex Stories

Making Love

Angie lay quietly on the deserted beach listening to the waves gently lapping at the shore while the sun beat down on her firm young naked body!!! She had been saving for this vacation for two years now, and finally here she was on a beach in Brazil enjoying the fruits of her labors!!! After reading about the fanaticism that the Brazillian people had for keeping their bodies in tip top shape, she had even joined a health club to make sure that she wasn't too embarrassed by the locals, and even she had to admit that she looked pretty darn good!!! She had been here for two days and not a single solitary sole had invaded this part of the beach, so when she felt the sun disappearing and a shaddow roll over her, she only thought that it was a passing cloud, but much to her consternation she was snapped to reality when she realized that a naked young man was standing next to her staring at her sun tanned body!!! "W-what do you want," Angie asked nervously while casually glancing around to see if there was anyone else around in case she needed help!?! "Oh nothing," he replied in surprisingly good English, "you are American, no!?!" "Yes I am," she replied a little more easily, "I'm from Atlanta, Georgia, are you from around here!?!" "In the village on the other side of the mountain," he replied with a grin that showed his perfect pearly whites to their best advantage, "I have some wine and bread in my bag, would you like to share some with me!?!" "Oh, I couldn't," she replied!!! "Why," he asked while plopping down beside her, "you don't like wine and bread!?!" "Well it's not that," she replied a little nervously, "it's just that I don't really know you, that's all!!!" "And if I leave, we'll never get to know one another," he replied with that bright electrifying smile, "please, join me!!!" Angie had completey forgotten about her nakedness, and when the young man who introduced himself, a Raul, handed her a glass and a piece of crusty dark bread, she sat up and began eating!!!" They sat there for more than an hour telling each other stories about themselves and their countries, and as the sun slipped into the blue Atlantic creating a picture post card setting that no card maker could ever duplicate, Raul leaned over and as casually as if he were shaking her hand, kissed her softly on the mouth while allowing his hand to gently caress her firm bosom!!! "You are a very beautiful woman, Angie Decker," he whispered softly after their kiss was broken, "do you know what we're going to do now!?!" With her mind was still buzzing from the most erotic kiss she had ever had, it was all she could do to stammer, "N-no, what are you going to do next!!!" "Have you ever made love in such a perfect setting," he whispered into her ear while softly nibbling on her lobe!?! "No," she gasped, "n-never!!!" "Good," he whispered, "because it will be my honor to be the first," as he gently pushed her back before rolling easily on top of her!!! "We aren't going to have sex," he said while kissing her all over her face with tiny little wet pecks!!! "We're not," Angie asked almost desperately!?! "No, Angie Decker," he replied between kisses, "we are going to make love, there is a big difference in Brazil, is it not so in America!?!" As his hardness slid easily into her pussy, she locked her legs around his back and replied hoarsely, "It is also true in America, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyy!!!" Agnie was so excited that she wanted so scream, but Raul was so gentle and deliberate with his movements that she lay there in a state of almost suspended animation while riding the crest of an orgasmic wave that seemed to go on forever and ever!!! "My sweet Angie," he breathed into her ear, while just ever so slightly increasing the pace of his thrusting, "you are the most beautiful woman I have ever been with!!!" She knew that wasn't the truth, but every woman loves hearing those sweet little lies, especially in the bedroom where even the smallest slight can cut like a razor, so when she felt his erection stiffen slightly, she arched her back to meet him as their climaxes wafted through them like a warm glow that completely enveloped them!!! They quickly fell asleep in each other's arms, until several hours later when Angie woke up alone again on her blanket in the dark Brazillian night!!! Back in her room she was still wondering if it had all been but a wonderful dream, but the odor of cocoa oil that had permeated his body still clung to her like a blanket, so after a quick hot shower, she hopped into bed and fell fast asleep while dreaming about her South American lover!!! The next day she waited from early in the morning until almost sundown in "their" place, but he was nowhere to be seen, and even though she was a little sad that he had not returned, she knew that it was just a one time thing, so as to lift her wilted spirits, she decided to get dressed and go out dancing, because if there was one thing the Brazillians were good at, it was dancing!!! The lights of the diso at first disoriented her, but after a few minutes she got her "sea legs" so to speak, and soon she was out on the floor spinning a moving to the driving beat coming out of the gigantic sound system being expertly managed by the in house DJ!!! With the sweat pouring out of her, she slipped of the floor and sat down in an empty chair and ordered a Margarita from the hostess while watching the locals moving in unison around the dance floor!!! After paying for her drink, her eyes caught a glimpse of a familiar face in the crowd, it was Raul!!! Their eyes locked for just a moment, and much to her consternation, he made his way through the teeming crowd, but with a young dark haired local attached to his arm!!! "Angie Decker," he said smoothly while sitting down at her table, "I'd like you to meet my good friend, Nina!!!" Angie nodded her head at the young Brazillian, and while knowing it wasn't her place to be jealous, but it was a rather cold nod at that, but immediately Raul put his arm around her back and began caressing her quite intimately right there in public!!! "Good grief," she said to herself, "I should slap his face, but I can't," and much to her own chagrin, she just sat there dumbly while Raul let his hand slide higher and higher up her thigh until his finger bumped against her sex!!! Angie fidgeted in her seat as Raul's finger insistantly slipped inside of her panties and almost casually parted her now bulging lips and began gently fingering her right in the middle of the mayhem that was the dance club!!! Angie was now on fire, and much to her complete surprise, the pretty little Nina slid closer to her, and in a moment that will burn in Angie's mind forever, leaned over and began kissing the American on her lips while gently caressing her breasts through her dress!!! Angie broke the kiss and moaned softly, "N-no, Raul, please no, I-I can't do this!!!" With a smile that flashed those teeth again, he replied smoothly, "But of course you are doing it, Angie Decker, just look around you, no one cares, it's just you, me, and Nina!!!" Raul's finger was flicking over her hard clit, and this time when Nina kissed her, Angie returned the kiss in kind, even going to far as to unbuttoning the front of her dress to allow the young woman to gain access to her breasts!!! Raul began nibbling her ear as he fingered her pussy, and when Nina completely opened the front of her dress and began sucking fervently on her nipples, Angie just let her head roll back while her orgasm washed over her like a giant wave crashing onto the beach!!! When it was over she sat their limply, hardly able to speak, but just like the day before, Raul was up and gone without a word, leaving Angie to wonder what the heck had happened to her!!!

Baking Bread | Hot Free Sex Stories

Baking Bread

The morning was dim and drippy, the night's rain just ending. He awoke and reached for her to find her gone from the still warm bed. His body only a little tired from last night's lovemaking, he stretched and sat up, pulled on his robe and quietly walked out of the room. His cock was hard in its usual early morning way, but instead of relieving it, he looked for her and found her in the warm, softly lit kitchen, kneading bread dough. Still in her silky blue pjs, her red hair wild, she stood on her tiptoes and worked the dough with small, but strong hands and arms. The dough was coming together nicely, he could see, as he stepped up behind and slid his arms round her. The yeasty smell of the dough was not unlike the delightful nose around her pussy and his hands slid up her sides to cup her sweet breasts as she leaned against him and tilted her head back for a kiss hello. He bent down and their mouths came together in a gentle brushing way, their tongues just touching and then withdrawn. She could feels his hardness against her lower back, feel his need to have her, but she continued to fold and push the dough, making it elastic, the gluten stretch and bind. The dough reminded her of the skin of her lover's cock when it was soft, supple and ready to rise. She knew when the dough was done and rounded it into a ball, stroking it smooth as his hands ran up and down her sides and breasts, his kisses on her neck, making her shiver. She laid the dough into the ceramic bowl, covered it with the damp linen tea towel and set it on the old oak table to rise. Turning to face him, she found his robe open, his hand caressing his cock, his deep startling eyes hungry. He reached for her and drew her to him, his hand at her face titling her head back, and a kiss so deep it drew the breath out of both of them. Her smile was impish and she stepped back and slowly undid the buttons on her pj top, all the while enjoying his slow stroking of his now throbbing cock. She pulled the top just back off her shoulders and caressed her own breasts, lifting them and flicking the nipples with her pink tongue. Then she knelt and slid her hands round his body to grip his buttocks and pull his cock into her mouth. She sucked it in hard and fast, hearing his sharp gasp, and ran her tongue up and down the length, and flicked it just under the head. He groaned and pulled back, reached down for her and brought her to him, lifted her and put her butt right on the edge of the coutner. The morning light sprinkled in the window behind her, making her hair glow and outlining her body in a rim of pure energy. He undid the drawstring of her pj bottoms and they slipped down to fall on the floor in a silky heap. Balanced on the edge of the counter, she wrapped one leg round his hip, pulling him in. "I want you inside of me, " she whispered to his mouth and his eyes closed in bliss as she guided his hard cock to her wet, slick pussy. One arm and one leg wrapped tightly round him, she gasped as he thrust himself inside of her, grinding his hips. His pelvic bone rubbed her clit, making her shiver with glee. She pushed back and squeezed him with her strong pussy, milking him inside of her. She brought her other hand up to his mouth and he licked and sucked each one of her fingers and then their mouths came together again, their tongues slid round each other, tasting the heat and the glow. He thrust into her again and again and she laughed as the counter top appliances began shake. He lifted her up, his hands under her ass, and spun her round, still inside of her, to one of the kitchen chairs, where he sat, with her in is lap, kissing and nibbling at his neck and ears. She churned and ground herself against him, he could feel the heat of her, her clit rubbing against his belly; he felt ready to explode, but he concentrated and waited, wanting her to cum on him as he would cum in her. He lifted one of her breasts to his mouth and sucked hard, making her nipples tingle. She responded by sucking his earlobe hard into her mouth and bounced up and down on his cock, whispering, "Cum in me, you hard man, fill me with your hot cum...." "I want you from behind" he said softly. She slid off of his hot cock, squeezing it as she went and stood, one hand on her breast, the other rubbing her clit in hard, fast circles. He stood and stepped behind her, bending her gently down over the worn oak table and spread her sweet buttock mounds to push his cock back into her dripping sweet pussy. They rocked back and forth together, feeling the waves of their orgasm flow and ebb. Her fingers on her clit, she rubbed and stroked it faster as his fingers found her tight rosebud ass hole. He pushed one long finger inside of her tight hot place, and then two and wriggled them, feeling his cock pound in and out of her on the other side of the skin. The effect was thrilling and she moaned and gasped, "Now, oh please, now...." He thrust into her and almost all the way out, his cock aching for release. Her clit was on fire, her pussy filled with wave after waves of sweet bliss and hot cum as he thrust into her one last time, their sweet release and the scent of their sex filled the room to the wooden beams of the ceiling and cascaded back down over them, washing them in their own delicious glow of heaven. Entwined in each others arms on the table, she opened her eyes and noticed the bowl of bread dough just beside her. The dough was well risen and slowly creeping over the sides of the bowl as if trying to escape. The delightful smell of the yeast made her smile and she hopped off the table, picked up the bowl and carried it to the counter, to punch the dough down, and let it rise again.